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Gens Video Web Channel offers a high quality information, fruit of hard investigations, about Genealogy, with interesting tutorials, and a special attention to the origin of surnames in the world. It's a relevant and unique information in the Web, with wide and detailed references about their history, onomastics and etimology.

This project is based on new developments with more information about these topics, and also with an ambicious videotheque of family videos, destinated to build our Genealogy of the Future.

Gens Video Web Channel is a genealogical movement of cultural diffusion, made through personal efforts, and it needs of support to finance the purchase of new tools and technical resources, trips, programming, edition and design, and more specialied books.

To successfully follow up with this project and to be able to offer all what people interested in this matter deserve, we are grateful, in advance, for your support and contributions. However little a contribution may be, it will help a project whose target is to broaden the stream of our current cultural information, and that of our future generations.

Thanks for your contribution!

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