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Genealogy in the future will not be just papers and documents...
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Send us your video and we'll save it for the memory of the future!..

Send us your family or genealogical video to:

Tell us your story, your family history. If you already built your family tree, tell us who your grandparents, great-grandparents, or ancestors were, where did they come from, tell us about your family origins.

Your video may be watched today, and it could connect you with other cousins you didn't know, or to other people with your same last name, who could be your relatives. And, it could be watched... many years forward! Then, someone in the future, will be able to see his or her ancestors, to observe their gestures, to hear their voices... They will not need to imagine how they were. We will be there, talking to them face to face and telling them all those stories they will be excited to know.

Excited to know you!


- Received videos will be filed until their publication is authorized by their creators. In case they don't want to make their videos openly published, videos could be filed and accessed through a user name and a password.

Videos may be sent in any convencional format, but it's better to do it in mp4 or H264 formats. These formats are more compatible with any browser.